Case Study

A job at the pig-genning

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01.The problem

This little piggy went to market

Everybody wants an equal slice which is why Australian Pork (AusPork) came to us.

AusPork is a progressive pork organisation that works to represent every Aussie pig producer across the nation and help their industry boom.

It’s likely you’ve heard the mantra ‘get some pork on your fork’. AusPork is designed to ensure pork becomes the number 1 leading choice of protein for every Australian.

We initially partnered with AusPork to design and develop a fresh career pathways section using their existing Drupal 9 website. It was soon realised that regular and ongoing technical support was needed to ensure the site remained secure, optimised and high performing. We have partnered on an ongoing basis via a Managed Services engagement.

02.The engagement

No rest for the pig-ed

Over the space of six weeks, we worked with AusPork to understand their desire for an online career pathway.

They wanted us to create a career pathway page with profiles that individuals could easily align themselves with.

They wanted an easy and intuitive user experience which also matched the design and experiences of their existing main website.

We met with users of their existing website and stakeholders to learn what their experience with a career pathways page might look like. We cross-referenced this with the existing user-interface experience within the AusPork site which helped us create consistency and a branded look that still felt new.

03.Solution design

From a pig-ment of our imagination, to reality

AusPork wanted something they could manage themselves and add to in the future. It was important that we utilised Drupal 9’s existing components to design and develop something even better.

AusPork let us know how important they desired transparency – every advertised job role should externally link to job advertising sites such as Indeed and Seek and hold a salary. They also all had to be able to design a clear roadmap for potential applicants to see how they could further develop their career.

In the end, AusPork realised they wanted to spend more time focusing on their business and less time maintaining the technical complexities.

Our Tech team were engaged under our Managed Services offering to provide operational support, manage upgrades, build new features and enhancements, proactive performance monitoring all while ensuring best-practice implementation.

04.Outcomes that matter to humans

Stick a pork in us, cause we're done

We created an engaging new portal and menu item inside of AusPork’s existing website. This new portal showcases AusPork’s highlighted job advertisements, held a fresh job search capability, and was deliciously mobile-user friendly.

Using Drupal 9 meant that there was little handover and additional learning for AusPork to pick up after we’d implemented the new portal for them. They were already familiar with how to work the site, and now got the fun of being able to move forward with updating their careers and jobs as needed.

Our tech team have embedded into theirs to provide an additional layer of optimisation, overseeing the technical infrastructure and fostering technological resilience.

Through proactive monitoring, regular updates, and quick issue resolution, we have ensured the seamless functioning of their systems, allowing the AusPork team to focus on organisational initiatives rather than grappling with technical roadblocks.