Case Study

Screen time to green time

How our app is inspiring kids to explore the great outdoors.
Product design
01.The problem

Disconnected from the great outdoors

In today's digital age, it's not uncommon for children to spend a significant amount of time inside on screens.

While technology delivers many benefits including education and connection, a key challenge facing parents is the worry that their child spends too much time inside and not enough time exploring the outdoors. We know this can lead to health problems, impact a child’s social development and disrupt their sleep patterns.  

In addition, Australia is one of the most biodiverse countries on earth, but since colonisation, 100 endemic species have become extinct. We need to change what we’re doing to protect threatened species and ecosystems for the future.  

The answer lies in getting kids involved in outdoor play, connecting with friends, learning about nature and the environment, all underpinned by fun and enjoyment.  

Enter Bindii. 

02.Solution design

Pokemon Go for animals and plants

Bindii is a mobile app that teaches kids about native flora and fauna while they explore outside.

Using image detection and gamification, Bindii encourages kids to get outside and find, capture and learn about the environment around them. 

The name Bindii connects both Australian fauna (the Ibis) and flora (bindi plant), proudly represented by the Ibis, a warrior in Australia’s animal kingdom.  

With Bindii, kids can find, identify and collect native animal and plant characters using an augmented reality experience.

Think “Pokemon Go” for native animals and plants.

Kids will learn about the character, where they live and how to find them. When they find a real-world equivalent of our characters and upload a photo, they receive points and bonuses towards rewards in the app. 

Bindii isn't just about collecting. Kids can fill up an interactive botanical zoo and watch it flourish. They can track their progress against friends and compete for bounties on native and introduced flora and fauna, including safety measures to alert to dangerous flora and fauna. 

03.Outcomes that matter humans

Adventure awaits

Bindii is a fun solution to an ever-growing challenge faced by parents all over the country - using screens for non-educational purposes.

Kids will use screens in a fun and interactive way that teaches them about nature and the environment. They will be outside, exploring the natural world which is becoming increasingly important as we face environmental threats. Bindii helps kids learn about the environment and conservation, as well as the threats and dangers from flora and fauna in Australia. 

Bindii helps address the problem of poor data about species and their locations in Australia, including endangered species. With kids taking photos and uploading them to the app, Bindii helps collect data that can be used to protect these species and their habitats. 

Bindii was created by our team of designers and developers at GovHack 2022 in just 48 hours. Having won several awards nationally and internationally for this innovative solution, we know this app is game changing.   

04.Parnering with us

Joining forces for a greener future

We are passionate about the conservation and perpetuation of Australia's wildlife.

We know the power technology has to change the way we interact with the world outside and want to continue developing Bindii to have an even greater impact on kids and the environment. 

We are seeking funding to build out the next stage of this project, including AI image recognition and augmented reality to enhance the overall experience. We will add new features to the app – including interactive educational content – to expand the app's reach into schools and communities across Australia. 

We’d love to talk to you more about Bindii. You can help us make a real difference in the lives of kids and the environment. With your help, we can continue to inspire the next generation to care for our native flora and fauna and protect it for future generations to enjoy. 

Together, we can make a positive impact on Australia's environment and its wildlife. 

If you’re interested in partnering with us on this game changing project please say