Case Study

Sound decisions

Decisively are on a mission to streamline complex decision making around policies and legislation – our robust product plan helped them achieve this.
Experience design (UX/UI)
Product design
Product strategy and planning
01.The problem

High volume, low velocity

The legislation landscape is vast and changing all the time.

Every day, people working within this space are designing, writing and developing logic that affects decisions in the real world.

Decisively had an idea to solve this - an enterprise system that informs these applications, by ingesting policy and producing a perfect data model to match. Put simply, it helps people that deal with large swathes of complex rules and regulations to make accurate and auditable decisions efficiently.

Decisively partnered with us to modernise the user interface and apply a modern product design and development approach to bring their vision to life.

02.The engagement

Agile advisors

We were initially engaged to reimagine the Decisively interface and provide a roadmap to first release.

Supported by our team of agile coaches, experience designers and product developers, we introduced an Agile methodology to create an integrated product team across the various disciplines and conducted workshops to prioritise features for the backlog.

Using the roadmap as a guide, we focused on designing and developing features that empowered policy makers to make intuitive, efficient decisions when analysing dynamic business knowledge and translate it into usable digital logic.

Today, this scope has evolved into an ongoing partnership, where we design and develop new features for release of the product.

03.The solution

Streamlining the decision process

Our partnership has catalysed greater clarity, collaboration and accountability.

By deeply understanding the problem space, we have helped Decisively adapt and change the overall structure and flow of their product to better meet user-expectations.

We fast-tracked the development process by embedding one of our development experts in their team, leading with industry standard sprint practices and agile ways of working.

Throughout this process, we noticed increased accountability, product planning and ongoing management.

With the changes we have implemented, the first release delivered greater accuracy (read: fewer appeals) and a more streamlined decision-making process for policymakers. Saving users precious time (and their organisations precious dollars), this product provides greater rigour and visibility around legislation and the ways people interact with policies. With smart versioning and approvals, users have greater transparency and traceability, including a clear trail of auditing reports, automated and non-automated decisions.