Case Study

Reaching new heights

Taking the LiveTiles employee communications app Reach to the next level.
Workplace technology
Product strategy and planning
Product design

Even the best ideas are nothing without great UX

Hybrid work is now a big part of our global culture.

Businesses must implement smarter solutions for communicating with their employees and creating collaborative virtual work environments.

Leading the way is LiveTiles, a pioneer in workplace tech solutions. Their app Reach allows employers to connect and engage with their hybrid workforce through targeted communications, chat and articles on any device.

LiveTiles first partnered with us to reaffirm what current users needed and uncover how it could evolve to meet the needs of customers in the future. Working closely with us, they were able to leverage our Strategic Design team to run user interviews, workshops, and audit the current platform for hidden treasure. Read about our comprehensive discovery phase.

Our product team uncovered that there were ways to enhance the user experience within the app to increase engagement, and ultimately, the return on investment. So, that’s just what they did.


Personalised connection

Our discovery phase considered how existing and first-time users navigated the system.

We uncovered key opportunities that would future proof LiveTiles, and position them as leaders in the space.

Through our user research in the discovery phase, we understood that users wanted a more personalised and dynamic experience, that’s easy to navigate and find what they’re looking for.

It was clear that the product needed to meet the demands of users in the market to reach their goal of becoming a leader in EX by 2024. So, our product team of strategists and experience designers embarked on a journey to deliver a robust UX and UI transformation.

03.Solution design

Keep it simple, stupid

Our product team implemented a modern design and development approach to allow for incremental changes to the development process over time.

We started with an extensive UX and UI audit to gain a deeper understanding of the challenges the users faced with the Reach system. Armed with this knowledge and the results from our discovery phase, we proposed a new user experience for Reach 2.0.

To drive engagement, we created a visually stunning experience.

The design was sleek, modern and minimalistic which would allow users to easily navigate the system and focus on content and connection with other users across their organisation.

With curious and empathetic minds, we delivered a new UI that’s simple, intuitive and easy for users to find exactly what they’re looking for.

04.The outcome

Revolutionising workplace software solutions

Delivering a new system was so much more than an aesthetic upgrade.

Our team delivered a whole new interface and experience that was easy for users to use and fostered a culture of collaboration and engagement. This allowed in the employers using Reach to maximise the potential of the system.

This project was a testament to the importance of using solid research to be able to execute designs to meet users’ needs. The time spent understanding the problem allowed us to design a system that’s a joy to use and delivers LiveTiles tangible results.

Our team went into this project wanting to deliver a solution that set a standard for digital workplace software. The results are a revolutionised way for businesses to communicate and collaborate online, furthering the potential for hybrid working.