Case Study

Transforming construction

SyncTech had a concept that could revolutionise construction through remote project management – we helped them realise their vision.
Product design
Product strategy and planning

Boots on site

With 80% of construction projects running over time and budget each year, SyncTech had an idea to tackle this.

An app to bridge the information gap between the field and the office managing the coordination of projects by collecting important information about a construction site in a single source.

With features like drone data-mapping and digital twin technology to support planning, tendering and maintenance, the app aims to helps users manage projects to increase site visibility – without even being in the same city.

With no shortage of great ideas, the SyncTech team needed a way to develop their prototype and bring their concept to the masses.

We initially partnered with SyncTech to create a proof of concept and app prototype to validate market fit and demonstrate it’s potential to secure funding to continue development. A second engagement saw us support product planning, create an access control framework and design the updated user interface to accelerate development of the product.

SyncTech app.

Building a tool for building cities

With big ambitions and features to support the whole construction workforce (site managers, architects, insurance specialists etc.), we designed a visually engaging and functional solution for a range of users.

The designs offered features like toggled permissions to manage information access, robust asset upload functionality, including digital twin tech.

Ideally, we wanted to deliver an app that could handle everything from basic PDFs to high-quality drone footage without compromise and allow users to explore and assess spaces remotely.

With these capabilities in mind, we built a library of reusable components and modules to support the development of the designs. We explored how potential in-app features might address user needs that weren’t being addressed by the existing design.

SyncTech app on desktop.

Building connections

We underpinned the project with world-class product design and development practices to help SyncTech develop a product to take to market.

By reducing inefficiencies, streamlining communications and enabling teams to operate remotely, this app has the potential to transform the global construction industry.

When project delays are beyond our control, this tech will provide contractors and managers with the ability to problem-solve remotely; reducing risk to teams and margins alike.

It has the potential to optimise the way we work and the powerful ability to put us in the same room, without any distance travelled.